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Edition of 100: Each edition is numbered and signed by the artist.


The edition number was engraved into the packaging via laser cutting and hand-signed by the artist. 

The editions are offered for sale at several locations at the same price.  It's not possible to choose the edition number through the website as they are randomly distributed among the sales points.


Eau de GR is an imaginary impression of a walk along the GR Route. Peter de Cupere has chosen to combine the most typical scent impressions of nature into one fragrance composition. For this, he visited different parts of the GR Route in order to determine what a general GR smell might smell like. 


A fragrance that does not focus on one location but that is recognizable for our European nature. The perfume consists of a combination of olfactory molecules found in various plants, trees, sea air and earth and this in warm, dry, cold and wet weather conditions. 


These were complemented by a selective choice of essential oils including Angelica root, Hyssop and Helichrysum. Fragrances such as tree moss and various types of wood were also used. In addition, fragrance molecules were used that give the typical scent to Petrichor (smell after the rain) and forest air. In the top notes, one also finds subtle fragrance references to the pure sea air.


For the artist, Eau de GR is a composition of fragrances that allows to (re)experience an imaginary walk through this beautiful environment. Spray Eau de GR on your skin, breathe in the fragrance deeply and repeat this at other moments. Experience how you mentally walk with the change of scent experience through the GR Route.


Eau de GR is a perfume commissioned by the Cultural Department Herzele for the Art Route GVR Flemish Ardennes. With the support of Europees landbouwfonds voor Plattelandsontwikkeling, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Leader, Cultuurdienst Herzele, Wattenfabriek

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EDITION Eau de GR - eau de parfum 50 ml hand-painted oak beam by the artist

€ 150,00Price
  • Edition of 100: Each edition is numbered and signed by the artist.

    Volume: perfume 50 ml  - 1.7 US fl. oz & hand-painted oak beam by the artist. Each edition is in this way original.

    Weight perfume bottle in package: between 700gr & 750 gr depending of the weight of the oak beam

    Size package: 19,5 cm x 19 cm  x 8,5 cm

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