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C Perfume 50TH transports you to a new state of mind. 


Wood species like oud, cedar and sandalwood are compiled to create rich woody and slightly burned olfactory tone. It is an elegant blend of the noblest woody notes to accentuate the tingling of the black pepper scent and the incense.  The infusing of earthy smell molecules refers to the roots of the iris flower with deeply hidden shades of patchouli which are in contradiction with the spicy undertones. The warm and sweet  background smell is created by a mixture of amber and vanilla. There are also hints of tobacco and leather to create an even more subtile signature.

The story behind the C Perfume

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in nature, in the woods among the trees and I smelled at every tree. I compared them with each other while smelling them. I searched for different smells on the same tree. 

They usually smelled different at the bottom of the tree branch than at the top and there are clear differences between the smell at the base of the trunk and the top of the tree. 

But what intrigued me the most were the armpits of the tree, where the branch was attached to the trunk. There was a magical smell and as I have always remembered it was more pronounced. I smelled the tension of the carrying capacity and gravity exerted on the branch attached to the tree. I compared their wooden armpits to our armpits. Not that the armpits of tree branches sweat the way we sweat, but the odour separation was in many cases different from the rest of the branch and trunk. 

We as humans have our armpits under the upper arm; in trees, they are at the top where the branch joins the trunk. As a young researcher at the time, I always thought that this made them smell less sweaty. But what is sweat? Could we speak of the sweating out of a material when it emits a smell in a liquid form? In the same way, flowers can sweat; their sweat smell is then heavenly, soft and seductive. The forest soil also sweats out an earthly air. 

Now, at 50, I look back on my youth. How I played in nature, on the street or made garden camps with a secret entrance. I would have to make a lot of scent compositions to olfactively translate all the moments that come to mind. I could make a large scent composition with all the smells I remember, but it would be too complex for both the sniffer and me as creator. I would lose myself in its complexity. 

I therefore chose to limit myself to a selection of fragrances where both a warmth and a sense of comfort manifest themselves. C Perfume 50TH says it the way you pronounce it C = See the perfume, see the fragrance, see how I see a moment in the world through the fragrance as a 50 year old olfactory artist. 

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