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Peter de Cupere provides fragrance development, from concept idea through composing and production.  


Creating original scents for brands, products, events or organisations is for you as a customer and for him as an olfactory artist a creative challenge.


It's finding a balance between fragrance formulation as a concept, a context, a science, a design and an art. 

Selecting requests.

'Over the years I received many requests to create fragrance creations and perfume/scent compositions for visual artists, products, companies and organizations. The challenge and pleasure in the creation is precisely for me not to make a fragrance à la carte, but a unique fragrance composition within which I can also find myself as an olfactory artist keeping my artistic freedom.'


Peter de Cupere is not challenged with the creation of just any fragrance that others want to use in their works. There are sufficient commercial and technical fragrance manufacturers and fragrance designers for this.


From his passion for the sense of smell and art he prefers to keep his artistic freedom. For this he's only open to requests for fragrance creations and perfumes in which his artistic freedom and professional knowledge are respected and given freedom. Then you have 100% his attention!

How I work

When I find your scent request interesting, I want to know in detail why, where, when, to whom, how much fragrance and how you want to communicate it.  

During the scent design process, I blend multiple formula for feedback conversation.  Depending on the complexity of the scent creation this can count several feedback moments. Understanding fragrance formulation that it's a design, an art and a science. 

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