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Artfumes are artistic scent compositions developed by olfactory artist Peter de Cupere for his olfactory works of art.

These scent compositions are therefore characterized by a specific context and/or realized exhibition.

The scent compositions have a high satisfying aesthetic odor quality. It is therefore not surprising that they are experienced as a full-fledged perfume.



The Artfumes are realized in small editions of maximum 100 items, sometimes even less. If there is more demand for certain artfumes, extra editions might be made.

It can be that there are sometimes no Artfumes available for a certain period.  Not all Artfumes are re-made once they're sold out, some will never be available again. This makes them high valuable collectables. 



All Artfumes are based on two cubes made of zellaan, known as porcelain plaster. They are all hand-made and hand painted.

In this way is each Artfume also a unique piece and might they change from colour and/or structure.  



All Artfumes fragrances refer to a work or exhibition. For the creation of the perfume we use the same formulation, nevertheless we keep in mind that the created fragrance can be used as a perfume. 

As each Artfume is made in a limited edition there can be a slight different between the perfume batches when a new edition from an Artfume is made. 

You can find the artfumes back in our online shop or temporary in art book shops or museum shops. 

Artfume packed 02 copyrights Peter de Cu


Some versions of artfumes are published under a signed and numbered edition. These versions are packed in a mini version of a wooden art transport crate. The signature and numbering of the edition is on the box, so the mini art transport crates become part of the edition. Just like the bottles, the mini transport crates are handmade and bear witness to a delicate craftsmanship. 

Artfume seal 01 copyrights Peter de Cupe


Olfactory artist Peter de Cupere sees these scent compositions as mini works of art that can be enjoyed with passion through the nose and sight. The fragrances are a symbol for the context of a work of art. This makes them an important part of the artwork. Without this fragrance composition, the artwork for which the fragrance was developed would not have existed. 

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