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C Perfume 14TH


Top notes: anise, spearmint, fennel, saffron, basil, hints or chocolate

Heart notes: patchouli, black chocolate, curcuma, rosemary, coriander, rosewood

Base notes: guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar, leather, musk, amber, cocoa bean, vanilla bourbon

A Valentine perfume

A Valentine perfume, that's how you could describe 14TH! Full of warmth, attraction and love for the smell, the sniffing of the skin, absorption in emotions of passion and desires! An empirical sensation that makes you long for pure sensual attraction.

14TH is sweet and spicy with warm notes with a clearly recognizable chocolate scent that remains perceptible throughout the fragrance without being overpowering. The creamy and heart-warming bitter pure black chocolate characterizes the heart of the perfume, caressed by patchouli with hints of saffron and curcuma.


By sniffing the first fragrance notes, the contrast of fresh spearmint combined with the warm notes of anise and fennel caress your nostrils. A stimulating inspiring basil in combination with coriander and rosemary gives the spicy curcuma and saffron an extra boost. The perfume feels warm with the first atomized drops on your skin.


In his base notes C Perfume 14TH has a precise combination of warm wood scents such as guaiac wood, sandalwood and cedar, combined with amber, lots of musk and a tiny bit of leather scent. And a large amount of vanilla bourbon scent supports the black chocolate smell in the perfume in its perceptible richness of pure cocoa beans.

C Perfume 14TH is available in an Eau de Parfum and an Extrait de Parfum

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