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About Peter de Cupere

Peter de Cupere in his lab Photographer

Peter de Cupere

For 20 years olfactory artist Peter de Cupere has been a prolific and proactive proponent of olfactory art in the world. He realised more than 700 artworks related to the olfactory perception of social, cultural and environmental contexts. His works were presented in more than 200 exhibitions over the whole world. He gave lectures from Berlin to New York and collaborated with various institutions and companies. 


He is a lecturer at the PXL–MAD School of Arts in Hasselt (BE). He is the joint founder of the Open Lab where he teaches the use of the near senses, smell, taste and touch in the Senses Lab. 


In 2018 Peter de Cupere received the Art and Olfaction Award for his lifetime contribution to promote the use of scent in art (London, April 2018).

A yearly award organised by the Institute of Art and Olfaction located in Los Angeles. ​

In 2019 he received his PhD title at the UHasselt and the VUB Brussels, BE. He researched into the use of smell as a context and/or concept for the work of art.

He experiments with every possible use of smells like a contemporary alchemist. His odorous material can vary from essences used in the composition of perfumes to aromas used in food, to odors that arise from diverse materials through experimentation. ​​


More info about Olfactory artist Peter de Cupere visit his website

or via his book Scent in Context, an overview book of 472 pages, that includes more than 500 works of art and 22 scratch & sniff images. 

Available via

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