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Eau de parfum

C Perfume 50TH transports you to a new state of mind. 


Wood species like oud, cedar and sandalwood are compiled to create rich woody and slightly burned olfactory tones. It is an elegant blend of the noblest woody notes to accentuate the tingling of the black pepper scent and some scent notes of incense.  The infusing of earthy smell molecules refers to the roots of the iris flower with deeply hidden shades of patchouli which are in contradiction with the little spicy undertones. The warm and sweet  background smell is created by a mixture of amber and vanilla. Hints of tobacco and leather finalise the perfume composition to create an even more subtle signature.

Sample C Perfume 50TH with 15 euro reduction

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  • Volume perfume: 2ml

    Weight perfume bottle in package: 35 gr

    Size package: 5 cm x 8  x 1 cm

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